Music and Lyrics

THEME: How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea==We can use our creativity to create a message.

Sixth Grade Students will be learning about:

  • Structure of a poem/song.
  • Interpretation of poetry and song lyrics.
  • Analyzing figurative language.
  • Understanding the author’s purpose for writing.
  • Analyzing symbolism in poetry and songs.
  • Prove how songs are connected to our lives and events in history.

Sixth Grade Students should be able to answer the following questions after the unit of inquiry:

  • What are the different poetry elements needed to understand and read a poem/song?
  • How does the structure of a poem or a song influence its meaning?
  • How does figurative language enhance a poem/song?
  • What is the purpose of writing poetry and songs?
  • How can you determine symbolism in poetry and in songs? How does that enhance the meaning and feeling that the reader extrapolates?
  • How are poetry and songs connected to our lives?
  • How are personal, national, and global events reflected in and impact poems and song lyrics?

Summative assessment task(s):
Students will choose a poem or a song and will do an analysis of their favorite poem/song and will share their analysis through a product of their choice. The analysis should include the following:
Students should identify:
  • all structural features.
  • all figurative language.
  • symbolism
  • Students should create meaning of the poem with evidence supporting their opinions.
  • They should identify the authors purpose for writing the poem/song.
  • Students should be able to prove how songs are connected to our lives and events in history.

Poetry Vocabulary