THEME: How We Organize Ourselves
An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities; the structure and function of organizations; societal decision-making; economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment.

Central Idea: Government Systems and decisions can promote or deny equal opportunities in social justice.

  • Ancient civilizations and their government structures
  • Different types of government and their impact on the citizens
  • Effective governments which support social justice

Through coursework and activities, teachers can help students to gain an understanding of related concepts and issues at the personal, local and global levels by guiding their investigations through the perspectives of:

  • awareness
  • responsibility
  • action

Other National Government Webquest

World Governments Exploration for Sixth Grade

You group is responsible for one of the Ancient civilizations below: You will research your Ancient civilization using following:
First you will create an information poster to present to your classmates.

1. Type(s) of government your civilization used.
2. A definition of those types
3. Names of important leaders
4. Key facts that are related to your civilization's government

Ancient Egypt Government
Mr. Donn's Ancient Egypt

Ancient Roman Government
Roman Government History for Kids

Ancient Greece Government
Greek Government
Greek Government for Kids

Ancient China Government
More on Ancient China
History For Kids China

Ancient Mesopotamia Government
History for Kids Ancient Mesopotamia

Second, you will create a "role-play" that simulates your government using some type of action. It can be a video, animation, or skit that
Novel: Among the Hidden- focus on conflict and character traits

21st Century Skills
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving-Students will examine character situations to make predictions and compare them to events in their own lives

Initiative and Self-Direction-Students will work on and complete a profile for a tribute of their choosing using information from the book.

Social and Cross-Cultural Skills-Students examine their world on a deeper level through experiencing a time and location very different from their own.

Imagination-Students will be transported to a future world that will stretch their minds into a new world of possibilities.

Connections-Students will make connections between the fantasy world of Among the Hidden and the real world around them allowing them to better understand their role in the world.